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Plastics training?
Attractive and sustainable with elearning!

Quick Start Injection Molding

The elearning for all those coming into contact with injection molding for the first time.

A real onboarding booster for employees from development, sales, purchasing, administration, production & quality.

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Injection Molding Quick S.

Injection Molding - Basics of materials and processing technology

In this elearning, you will learn about the most important material properties of thermoplastics and how the process variables and setting parameters interact during injection moldi

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Injection Molding Basics

Injection Molding - Understanding Shrinkage and Warpage

In this elearning, you will learn about the most important factors that affect shrinkage and warpage of injection molded parts.

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Shrinkage & Warpage

Plastics Materials - Basics

The elearning for anyone who wants to understand plastics and is looking for a sound introduction to the properties of thermoplastics.

Plastics technology for career changers!

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Plastics Materials Basics

Plastics Processing - Basics

An elearning course introducing the main processing methods for plastics. For anyone who wants to get up to speed quickly and needs a solid overview of the plastics processing process.

Plastics processing for career changers!

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Plastics Processing Basics

How to design plastics parts - Basics

This elearning introduces you to design with plastics and adds important aspects that need to be considered for sustainable component design.

Designing with plastics for beginners!

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Design of Plastics Parts

Recycling of Plastics and Material Sources - Basics

This elearning gives you a comprehensive overview of current recycling processes for plastics and the available sources of sustainable plastic materials.

Plastics recycling for beginners!

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Recycling of Plastics

Basics - Sustainability Management, Ecobalance, CO2-footprint ...

Circular economy and sustainability come. With this elearning you can fill your personal tool and method box.

Sustainability topics compact - for all who are concerned!

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Sustainability Management

Your Goals - Our Recommendation

Accelerate onboarding of plastics entrants:


Further develop experienced operators and employees in production & quality:


Understand and advance sustainability and circularity topics:

Plastics Training,
attractive & efficient at Tech2Know!

Sustainably efficient training is an important success factor for the plastics industry.

Plastics & Skilled Worker

Plastics are problem solvers. However, you have to understand plastics materials technology and plastics processing techniques correctly. Given the diversity of materials and processing methods, this is not always easy. Getting well-trained specialists is difficult. So it makes sense to fill the personnel gaps with motivated career changers and to train the required plastics expertise internally.

Form of learning: Elearning

The Tech2Know elearning courses offer you a uniquely efficient way to supplement and deepen your plastics know-how.

All elearning courses are designed as self-learning courses and attractively presented in media. A constant alternation of text, image and video information ensures excitement and makes working with the learning content interesting.

Great importance is attached to a clear explanation of the contents as well as to didactically meaningful repetitions. Through intensive interaction and regular quizzes, learners work much more actively with the content than in conventional seminars.

You receive continuous feedback on your learning progress. This strengthens your motivation to keep at it and promotes your lasting learning success.