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Brief info on the course

The employees in injection molding production, in particular the machine setters and shift supervisors, bear a high level of responsibility for the success of the injection molding company.

Continuous training and regular refreshing of the necessary basic knowledge are required in order to reliably and efficiently solve the daily challenges in injection molding.

This course bundles the relevant plastics technology fundamentals and conveys them in a very clear and practice-oriented manner:

  • Experienced mold setters, shift supervisors and trainees are enthusiastic about this flexible form of continuing education.
  • This course refreshes and deepens injection molding basics.

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  1. Introduction to the types of plastics
  2. Stresses, strains, stiffness
  3. Humidity
  4. Flow behavior - rheology
  5. Fiber orientation
  6. The solidification behavior (pvT diagram)
  7. Development of warpage
  8. Process variables and setting parameters: Pressures & Speeds
  9. Process variables and setting parameters: Temperatures & Times
  10. Practical principles of machine selection
  11. Summary
  12. Final test




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Course description and workflow

The elearning course is divided into 11 chapters and a final test. You can interrupt, restart or repeat all 11 chapters at any point. You decide when you want to work on the course - as it fits into your daily schedule.

You can start the final test only once and receive a certificate only once. So you should be undisturbed during the final test.

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  • Plan on at least 45 minutes for the final test

Actual completion time varies greatly by individual.

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After successful completion of the course and the final test, you will receive your certificate

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€ 590,- plus VAT
(€ 702,10 incl. 19 % VAT)
This offer is intended for B2B customers.
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Target group:

Development, sales, purchasing, administration, production, quality.

previous knowledge:


Contents in brief:

  • The relevant material properties of thermoplastics
  • The flow and solidification behavior
  • How warpage occurs
  • Interaction of process variables and setting parameters during injection molding
  • What criteria are used to select injection molding machines
  • How a filling study is made
  • How to find the changeover point and set the holding pressure profile

german elearning version: Grundlagen Spritzguss


as of 01.01.2024: available on request - at short notice.

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as of 01.01.2024: available on request - at short notice.

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