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Quick course info:

Injection molding is one of the most important processing methods for manufacturing plastic products. The process and mold technology used, as well as the behavior of plastics during injection molding processing, are complex.

Beginners particularly benefit from this course:

  • Employees from sales, purchasing, and administration will more quickly understand the value-adding interrelationships in their own company and with customers.
  • Employees from development, production and quality receive a solid technical basis to quickly become productive.
  • The technical language is better understood and communication barriers are noticeably reduced.
  • Onboarding is more efficient.

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Training description and progress

The online course is divided into 9 chapters and a final test. You can pause, restart or repeat the chapters at any point. You decide when you work on the course - as it fits into your daily schedule.

You can only start the final test once and receive a certificate only once. So you should be undisturbed during the final test.

Duration of the training:

  • Your completion time is completely individual - you have 90 days.
  • A chapter that is easy for you, you might be able to complete in 30 minutes.
  • For a difficult chapter you will need 60 minutes, maybe longer - remember to take breaks so that you are always concentrated.
  • Plan on at least 30 minutes for the final test.

Actual completion time varies greatly from individual to individual.

Duration of use:

After activating the booking code, the course is available for 90 days on the learning platform for processing. After successful course completion (including certificate), the online course is open for viewing until the 90 days expire.


After successful completion of the course and the final test, you will receive your certificate.


€ 590,- plus VAT
(Germany € 702,10 incl. 19 % VAT)
This offer is intended for B2B customers only.
The invoice will be sent with the order confirmation. Our general terms and conditions apply.


Target group:

Entry-level employees in development, sales, purchasing, administration, production, quality.

Required Knowledge:


Contents in brief:

  • Introduction: Plastics and plastics technology
  • Introduction: Injection molding machine and injection molding process
  • Introduction: Mold technology
  • Behavior of plastics during injection and solidification: formation of the injection molded part
  • Injection molding defects
  • Design principles for injection molded components

At the end of the online course, you will know the basic interrelationships in injection molding and be able to use the technical language with confidence.

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Questions & thanks:

We would like to thank the company Arburg for providing media and the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences for allowing us to use the technical center for media production.
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